Loire Chateau-Hotel - The Domaine de la Tortiniere's history and park

History and the park

The Domaine de la Tortinière is a luxury hotel at the heart of the Loire châteaux. The Amboise, Chenonceau and Blois châteaux are all worth a visit, just to mention a few. This unique setting, steeped in history, extends to the heart of the château de la Tortinière itself.

Mr and Mrs Capron bought the Tortinière from Mrs Saillard in 1954 and transformed it into a hotel in 1955. They have four daughters. It was the eldest, Denise Olivereau-Capron, who looked after the guests and ensured their well-being for the next 40 years.

Her son Xavier and Anne, his wife, both graduates of the Hotel School in Lausanne, are the third generation to manage this attractive château-hotel, which now has 30 rooms... and only time will tell if a fourth generation will continue the tradition!

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Enjoy a pleasant stay at the heart of the Château-Hotel Domaine de la Tortinière, surrounded by the Loire châteaux.

Since becoming a château-hotel, the Tortinière has had the privilege of welcoming many famous faces from various fields: in 1973, Georges Pompidou, the French President at the time, came on a private visit; not long thereafter, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, who was the Finance Minister at the time, the Russian pianist Sviatoslav Richter, the writer Françoise Sagan, Audrey Hepburn, Simone Valère, Jean Desailly and Pierre Bertin from the Comédie Française, Gérard Depardieu, Pierre Richard, Pierre Perret, Juliette Binoche, Sabine Azéma, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Inna and many others.

Set off from the château-hotel on a journey of discovery of the Loire châteaux and treat yourself to a stay that is filled with history and surprises.

The Tortinière park

The cyclamen is an extraordinary plant. It is one of the rare plants that bury their seeds thanks to a sort of spring which uncoils and plants the seed around 10cm from the mother shoot!

Here’s an interesting fact - a cyclamen bulb can live longer than one hundred years!

The Domaine de la Tortinière is pleased to welcome you in its park stretching over 15 hectares, host to thousands of treasures such as the two-hundred-year-old Lebanese Cedars that surrounds the Château. the Redwoods and many more...

Between the months of August and December, a carpet of pink and white wild cyclamens covers the undergrowth, putting on a magical show.

Perfect for romantic walks and botanic discovery, the cyclamen flower is a symbol of the sincerity of romantic sentiments.

Map of the establishment

  • The Renaissance chalet is 30m from the Château
  • The Pressoir building (hidden behind the trees) is 50m from the Château
  • The Tilleuls buildings are 60m from the Château, as are the Vieux Logis buildings